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    2/26/2024 Flag Washington State University


    2/26 – Carroll Co. MD


    2/26/24 Flag – North Carolina


    02/26/2024 – Lasso Kent 2024


    2/26/24 Washington Capitals 


    @cvcalhoun – My plan is to end with a US flag and a Trump flag.  I’ve taken a few Trump ones, but went with something else.  Other then my PO & FD pics, I haven’t taken a US flag yet.


    @matteblack – That one went way over my head.  I had to look it up.  lol, I figured it was someone running against Trump.


    2/26/24 – UVA flag

    Cuz it’s where my son & his wife went, and they liked it so much they had their wedding in Charlottesville, though they live in NYC 


    2/26/2024 PW MIA flag


    2/26/24 Mandalorean


    Sophie CW

    2/26/24 – Don’t Tread on Me flag under the U.S. flag

    Boomer Cycles

    2/26 – Flag of Liechtenstein  Flag of Liechtenstein


    @alana wrote:

    @cvcalhoun – My plan is to end with a US flag and a Trump flag. I’ve taken a few Trump ones, but went with something else. Other then my PO & FD pics, I haven’t taken a US flag yet.

    I have been avoiding US, Maryland, Montgomery County, DC, and POW flags, just because they are everywhere, and I figure I might need one for a day that the weather is too bad for me either to get to an embassy or to find a random flag.

    I took a picture of a Trump flag just because I was so startled to find one in Montgomery County.  I used to be an elections judge in Montgomery County.  As you may know, it is required that there be an even number of Democratic and Republican elections judges.  What most people do not know, however, is that a “Republican” elections judge is one appointed by the Republican party–but the person may not actually be a Republican.  Actually, in Montgomery County, they almost never are a Republican.  There are so few Republicans that the Republican party will appoint anyone who is not a Democrat as a Republican elections judge.  If you’re in Independent, Libertarian, Green, etc. and you volunteer to be an elections judge in Montgomery County, you will be appointed as a “Republican” elections judge.

    One memorable year, even that was not enough.  The Republicans ran out of people who weren’t Democrats, and appointed me (a registered Democrat since I was 17) as a “Republican” elections judge.

    Fortunately, about 99% of the time, party affiliation doesn’t matter for elections judges.  I mean, there isn’t a Democratic or Republican method of plugging in voting machines or checking people in to vote.  So the only times it really matters are:

    • When counting the number of votes cast at each machine at the end, you have to get a Democratic elections judge and a Republican elections judge to agree on the count.
    • If a voter requests assistance with voting, you have to have one Democratic elections judge and one Republican elections judge assist, and they each have to sign a paper saying they assisted the voter.

    However, the one time that day a voter requested assistance with voting, all the Democratic elections judges happened to be busy.  Rather than make the voter wait, one of the Republican elections judges sidled over to me and said, “Would you mind going back to being a Democrat for a moment?”  I contemplated the (lack of) likelihood that anyone was ever going to question having the relevant paper signed on behalf of the Democrats by a registered Democrat who was supposed to be a Republican elections judge, and agreed to assist the voter.

    So with that history, you can imagine my shock at discovering that there was someone in Montgomery County with a huge Trump flag (and a smaller banner for the Republican party) in his yard.

    Laurie E.

    2/26/24 #flag

    Some of the flags at DC’s Union Station.


    2/26 Arizona

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