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    I definitely had fun with this. I had a whole list of all the embassies, and thought initially I’d just go to them. But once I was on the lookout for flags, I discovered that on any long ride, there was likely to be at least one flag. So almost all the embassy flags got reserved for that one last push.

    I’ll be at the happy hour.


    Two Updates for all:

    1. I’ll have to ship individually to winners (email me your address or DM on Strava…we need to follow each other + you have to give Strava your birthdate to enable DM).  Hopefully my silly prize idea actually works out (sourcing from shady China website, so don’t hold your breath :).   Alan – I’ve sent an order to your address.  Waiting to verify they shipped what I am expecting before I place orders for others.
    2. Summary of some statistics and “facts” from the pointless prize below

    Fun facts

    28      # of players in forum
    37      # players via Strava #flag
    1334  # flags counted via forum
    1454  # flags counted via Strava #flag (incl bonus flags)
    6        # players w/flag everyday
    2        # players only missing 1-2 days
    197    # unique flags I tracked before giving up 🙂
    23241  Total miles ridden on #flag rides

    Speculation “facts”

    AlanA               Most states traveled to collect flags
    CVCalhoun      Longest day on bike for flags
    DCAKen           Most Embassies (reg days)
    CVCalhoun      Most embassies (single day)
    Matteblack      Most “seasonal” flags
    Matteblack (tie)  Best “thematic” flag search daily [“seasonal/specialty” flags]
    DCAKen (tie)       Best “thematic” flag search daily [Nation flags]
    AlanA               Best “surprise” flag that caught my eye [Seabees]
    CBGanimal     Best “surprise” flag that caught my eye [Seabees]
    consularrider  Most surprising ride location (and flag) for me [Indiana Univ!]
    Kbikeva            Best job catching me “off guard” with rules question



    Kris – If someone breaks into my house and cleans me out while I’m on a ride, I’ll know who to blame!

    I’ll certianly let you know if/when I get something.

    I’m still upset I did not get a MS flag.  I got one from all the others.  I’ll make sure I get it eventually.


    Hey Kris, I can’t figure out how to DM on this forum. I’m S Lifsey on Strava, can you add me?


    @rumpuscat – I also sent Kris an email to try and get you your prize (I assume you were the one who talked to me about the prize at the HH).


    @rumpuscat – reposting my earlier post (and see page 89 for another post w/my email).  DM me on Strava (after you enable DM) or email me….unless you want to post your address here 🙂    …congrats!

    Follow-up…I could only DM @cvccalhoun, @AlanA, @rumpuscat, @Indiana….everyone else, let me know how to reach you to get your address and/or email me (see above).  To enable DM on Strava, I had to add my birthdate (month/year) to my profile.  Probably same for you if you’re interested in enabling.


Viewing 6 posts - 1,336 through 1,341 (of 1,341 total)
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