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    Hey folx – first time participating and I’m really confused by the process – look forward to riding with some of you this winter – stay warm! :)


    @josh 194962 wrote:

    Hey everyone! I did BAFS for the first time two years ago in 2018 and it was awesome. I ride my bike(s) a lot more now, and I’ve met a bunch of people.

    If you’re new to the forums, you can get your required first post here, so you don’t need to open up a new thread. If you’re not new, still feel free to let people know a bit about you (if you’d like).

    Let’s get outside and show up like snowfall in the DMV; UNEXPECTEDLY


    @sbr 226738 wrote:

    Hi all, this is my first year participating in Freezing Saddles. I commute a few miles each way by bike and put in a lot of miles indoors on the trainer during the winter. I plan to do some road, gravel and cyclocross races next year so will be getting in some base miles this winter.


    Welcome, Sam!

    Your team will be very excited to know you commute regularly by bike – those miles count. They will probably try to get you to take the long way to/from work and get you to forego the trainer because alas, those indoor miles don’t count. :-)

    The nefarious plan of the long time cabal is to woo you to the dark…er…OUTside for all miles. This may be the winter that tries all of our souls though!


    @Rebecca C 226737 wrote:

    I’m so excited about doing freezing saddles for the first time. I’ve started conjuring various weather scenarios and plans of biking. So how arr ways to ride in the snow? What have others done? This is gonna be fun!!

    Hey Rebecca, it’s all about riding at least 1 mile every day. Some people in the past have taken their bikes to parking garages to get their miles in. Others have pushed their bikes through snow. And many have ridden starting at 0:00:01 on a day that snow/sleet is in the forecast later that day. It all counts, as long as it’s outside riding! And try to meet up with your team on occasion, that helps with the motivation!


    @tds.mtb 226636 wrote:

    Howdy! First time Freezing Saddles here, mostly ride gravel, enduro, and XC. This summer I just became the first person to complete the Eastern Divide Trail Northbound from Key West FL to Cape Spear Newfoundland. Looking for some shorter rides now but trying to stay in the saddle as much as possible over the winter! When I’m not riding bikes, I’m working on bikes at the Rockville/North Bethesda REI! :D

    Wow I would love to chat about your eastern divide trail ride!! Hope to run into you at some point!!

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    @Racerone 226455 wrote:

    I’m not a newbie it’s my second year and it’s still difficult to register [emoji53]

    I’ve been playing since 2016 and I still needed a li’l help finishing signing up [emoji16][emoji1744]


    @jrenaut 194978 wrote:

    I’m Jon. I bike with my kids a lot, and I bike to get beer a lot. My first Freezing Saddles was I think 2014 and my last was cut short in early March by a torn Achilles. I handle a lot of the special leaderboards at the BAFS website for people’s pointless prizes.

    Also I have the BAFS database credentials. Bribes ARE accepted.

    I also bike with my kids a lot, and I was thinking about sponsoring a Pointless Prize called either “Chill(i)est Children” or “Coolest Kids”, with points awarded per mile multipled by the number of snow suited kids who joined the ride.


    Hello everyone, My name is Amyr Glover, aka chefboyamyricle, aka chefboya da bikejunkie. It’s my first year doing freezing saddles. I look foward to the competition. I’ve been riding for about 2 years, prior to riding as a youth. I started riding and taking it serious when I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, & high cholesterol. It hit me when I turned 40. I was scared, and determined to get off the insulin and various medications. This led me to cycling.

    With a healthy/ balanced diet and cycling, I was easily able to get off all meds. Somewhere along the way I fell back in love with cycling. Now I commute to work (dc) to Maryland and ride almost daily. Hence the name bike junkie. I subbed out all the meds for my new medicine; which happens to be cycling and a balanced diet.
    That’s me in a nutshell. Also I’m a chef, I’ve been cooking professionally for xcosr to 20 years.


    Good morning,

    I am new to Freezing Saddles, new to forums/posting/etc., but not new to cycling, and I love cycling year round. Winter is tougher but with the ride gear, we can go anywhere and I love to see the enthusiasm about winter cycling here.



    Hi all! I’m Thisbe (28F) and I recently got into road biking in 2023 but I’m usually very weak when it comes to biking in the Winter. I’m hoping joining the FS community will get me out a bit more frequently and help me make some new DC biking friends! (Fingers crossed I get in off the waitlist)

Viewing 10 posts - 496 through 505 (of 505 total)
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