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    @acl 75114 wrote:

    This is not necessarily true. My grocery store is one mile round trip from my house, give or take a zig-zag through the parking lot. During last year’s freezing saddles, one day I rode to the grocery store with the Strava app recording my ride, checked my mileage before turning it off and going inside, noted that Strava said I had ridden 1.0 miles, put away my groceries, etc. However, what Strava actually recorded on my ride was 0.99 miles* I did not get my 10 points until I rode somewhere else later that day. So even if you are using Strava’s own app, it is a good idea to make sure you ride at least 1.1 miles, just to be sure.

    *well, I mean 0.99 miles is what was displayed on the ride info looking at the web site, not talking about the precision of the actual data that is stored, which I don’t know. the ride info is displayed on the web to 2 decimal places but only displayed on the app while recording to one decimal place, which was rounded to 1.0

    Good point, yes. Strava rounds in the display too. You are right that the only sure bet is to ride a little more.

    I will fix it, though, so at least the Strava website display will be consistent with what we store.


    Ok, folks. We now round to 3 decimal places when we store distance data. This should ensure that if you type “1.0” miles in for distance, it will actually be 1.0 miles in the database. This also means we round down, of course.

    The only ride that was affected by this change was a 1.0 mile ride on Jan 12 by Rob O. (Presumably Mikey’s rides would also be correct now, if he were to change them back to “1.0” instead of “1.01”.)

    , your ride yesterday was 1.02 miles and so your point total for yesterday was 11.02 points.

    I will give some thought to how we can make the ride totals more transparent on the site so as to prevent confusion or second-guessing about how your rides are being counted (or not). Perhaps something as simple as adding a “points” column to the “People” table would help.

Viewing 2 posts - 211 through 212 (of 212 total)
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