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    Maybe a quiz for Carol, maybe not!ย cool Guess I should have just asked you, bet you’re the best qualified to answer my question, haha.

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    @cvcalhoun Do you know Chris M’s last name by chance, and if so can you text it to me – 571-205-5797. I tried to figure out how to send you a private message on the forum or Strava, with no success. On Strava Chris M is LhasaCM.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all your submissions, and that so many of them were at night. I love riding in the dark but get little opportunity. Looking forward to meeting you at the BAFS FS happy hour in April.

    Have a great rainy Saturday!


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    GREAT JOB ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป everyone on all your awesome and interesting public art finds, and your dedication to the hunt! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your submissions, and reading the interesting backstories some of you provided. Frankly, I was in absolute awe of some of your entries. Now I have a whole laundry-list of public art to seek out on future rides ๐Ÿ˜Š

    A heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who played, whether just once, most days, or each and every day. Iโ€™m humbled to know you took the time to stop to photograph your art find (with your bike in it! when the weather was reeeaaalllyyy nasty!), and then take the time post it to your Strava and the forum! Special kudos to those of you who persisted with the forum, given the challenges it presented this year. Hopefully all the kinks will have been worked out by BAFS2025.

    I hope you can all make it to the April 10th BAFS Closing Happy Hour when I’ll award some great prizes to the top three BAFS2024 public art finders. There might even be several honorable mentions …. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking forward to seeing you on on April 10th, and/or on a ride sometime, somewhere!

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    I have to admit, @kbikeva & @Serdar, I was a tad annoyed when I saw that the photo-of-the-day would be illustrating the Wordle-of-the-day because I’d never played it. BUT I have to admit that the longer I played #photoscavhunt, the more I appreciated and enjoyed that you used it for the game this year. And as with previous years, I thoroughly enjoyed all the creative explanations folks come up with for their photo illustrating the day’s Wordle. The one downside is that now I’m hooked on Wordle!ย  Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication, I truly appreciate it!

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    @bigredboiler Thanks for another entertaining FS game that motivated me to get out and ride — often more miles than planned because, gosh darn it, there’s got to be a flag out around here somewhere, just another mile or two… and just another miles or two…. If you sponsor a game for next year’s FS, looking forward to whatever you concoct!

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    Thanks @AlanA for another great FS pointless prize game that helped motivate me to get out and ride every single day of FS. Although I didn’t come close to even being in the contention for placing, it was fun to see all the different fire stations people found.

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    @cvcaloun Yes, I did try to see your bike in the blowup but just couldn’t see any bikes. Believe me, I did try. Might be just the cruddy resolution on the Forum and Strava

    @karenbikes2gmail-com, did you see my blow-up of the part between the two sculptures in my second post? That shows a whole line-up of bikes (Iโ€™m counting 6 of them) , including mine, in a bike rack.

    I will of course accept your judgment if you canโ€™t see it.

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    @cvcalhoun I appreciate your respectfulness in not bringing your bike onto the grounds of the Holocaust Museum. However, try as hard as I can by blowing it up, I cannot find anything in the art find photo (or the clarification photo that you posted) that looks remotely like a bicycle.


    Because it seemed disrespectful to bring my bike onto the grounds of the Holocaust Museum, my bike is WAY in the back. It can be seen between the sculpture up front and a second sculpture (that looks like a rock), but you may have to blow up the photo to see it. The easiest part to see is my yellow helmet, which is hung from a handlebar.

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    3/17/2024 Syracuse University

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    3/17/2024 snort

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    3/16/2024 toxin

    Chinese holly berries are a TOXIN for both people and animals. Don’t eat berries you find growing outside, no matter how pretty and appealing they might look!

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    3/16/2024 United States Army 1775 flag – 1775 was the year George Washington was appointed as General of the Army, and the Continental Army was created.

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    3/15 National Mall and Capitol with Colorectal Cancer awareness exhibit

    I think it counts for art and awareness and more picturesque than the more traditional art from the ride today. I lost my father to colorectal cancer in 2022 so itโ€™s extra meaningful to me. Get your colonoscopy as recommended!

    I love the sentiment behind your choice of this photo for #publicartfinder and I agree that this is art. Unfortunately your bike is not in the photo ๐Ÿ™ Your bike is, however, in another photo of a large sculpture on your Strava post which would count.

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    Yay to the winners! Even though I didn’t ever come close to winning, still loved playing. It definitely motivated me to get out and ride some extra miles looking for the calls that were on my card! And I loved seeing what everyone else found for each day’s call. Thanks so much for organizing and sponsoring #bingo, @cvcalhoun!

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    Very lovely indeed, @Boomer2u, but where is your bike?

    3/11 โ€“ I going to see if the #publicartfinder cabal is accepting โ€œnature artโ€ submissions as this blooming magnolia tree was by far the most beautiful piece of public art on Cameroun Street in OT Alexandria this evening.ย 

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