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    Iโ€™ve revised rule #3 of the #publicartfinder game to only require posting your art find to your Strava because some of you have been unable to post to the Forum since the migration to a new platform. Posting your photo to the Forum is nice-to-do but optional.

    How to play #PublicArtFinder (revised):

    1. RIDE your bike AT LEAST 10 MILES, and on that ride, discover any art form (loosely defined: you know it when you see it) readily accessible to the general public. An art find on a ride that’s less than 10 miles does not count, even if you ride multiple rides in a day totaling 10 miles or more.
    2. Only 1 art find per day will be counted. (This differs from Freezing Saddles 2023โ€™s game when a player could submit 1 art find per 10-mile ride with multiple 10 mile rides per day.)
    3. Share your art find via posting 1 photo to your Strava for the ride on which you discovered it. Posting also to the Forum is nice to do (easy to see all the photos in the contest in one place) but OPTIONAL.
    4. All, or some part, of your bike must be in your photo or it will not count!
    5. Post your photo ON THE DAY OF THE RIDE.
    6. Use HASHTAG #publicartfinder (not CaSe SeNsItIvE) in your Strava Ride title so that it will appear on the FS2024 #publicartfinder leader board, which you can find here:
    I will sweep this leader board for data periodically to feed the official #publicartfinder scorecard found here:
    7. Friends of FS2024 are welcome to post, but only registered participants can win prizes.
    8. Follow me on Strava (Karen Hass, https://www.strava.com/athletes/38633292) so I can follow you back and verify that your #publicartfinder rides meet all the rules.

    The location of your art find is nice to include with the photo so that others may find it too. A description of the art (artist, medium, circumstances for it’s creation, etc.) is also nice.

    One point will be awarded for each entry that meets all the criteria above. Entries will be judged by some faceless cabal, and may be awarded additional points based on subjective criteria such as use of creative objects (like your bike interacting with your art find), composition, light, artistic flair, witty captions, great stories, # of quality submissions, # likes/kudos/dislikes, etc. In the event of a tie, efficacy rules: most art discoveries/least # of miles will win.

    Now go find some public art!


    This mural on the side of Security Public Storage, 5223 River Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816, seemed particularly appropriate for the first day of Freezing Saddles, since it celebrates the Capital Crescent Trail and includes a cyclist. And my bicycle is doing its best impression of a disco ball in honor of New Year’s.



    #publicartfinder – Deteriorated mural on the retaining wall at Lazy Mike’s at the corner of W Broad and S West in Falls Church. My bike is under the tent leaning on the wall in the center (not the one with the white helmet)



    Removed due to rule violation


    Mural in Old Town, corner of King and N Alfred Str.

    An artist from Los Angeles El Mac painted this mural mostly at nights last summer. According to the building owner โ€œit was amazing to see the progression each morning.โ€



    Mr. Brown’s Park in Falls Church, VA
    (note the bicycles in the mural, too)


    Submitted just to play along but as the sponsor I’m not in the competition!

    Dogwood Elementary School on Glade Dr in Reston, VA.
    A surprising number of murals in Reston! I submitted this one for #scavhunt. If you’re playing both Photo Scavenger Hunt and Public Art Finder, today you got a two-for-the-price-of-one!


    1/1/24 Public art Finder

    This mural pays homage to the ancient Mayans, who played this game Tlachko, and the game was said to mirror the progression of the sun across the heavens. Since this is a new calendar year, I thought this was very appropriate. Also submitted for scavenger hunt, although as the sponsor that prize, I am not eligible to win.


    1/1/2024 Public Art Finder


    I love this sort of art – making public utilities more beautiful. This one is in the parking lot by the Riverdale MARC station.


    1/1/24 mural in Mt. Rainier, MD, just off the Rhode Island Ave traffic circle, conveniently by a CaBi station


    Boomer Cycles

    1/1/24 – Westpost mural at National Landing

    Cross referencing image & location w/ #scavhunt thread so as to not crash the internet ๐Ÿ›œ

    2024 Photo Scavenger Hunt – Rules and Alternate Words

    Laurie E.

    @consularrider 226969 wrote:

    #publicartfinder – Deteriorated mural on the retaining wall at Lazy Mike’s at the corner of W Broad and S West in Falls Church. My bike is under the tent leaning on the wall in the center (not the one with the white helmet)


    I don’t see a bike in a lot of the posts for this contest.


    Not a mural…Air and Space museum corner of 7th and Independence[ATTACH=CONFIG]30987[/ATTACH] #publicartfinder

    Laurie E.

    Public Art Finder 1-1-24 Clinton, MD



    Public art along the MBT near the Rhode Island Ave Metro! I’m a minute late posting to the forum and my ride was 9.99 miles, oops!

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