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    @lordofthemark 226328 wrote:

    4. De facto, ebikes are on all trails. (Can someone remind me if there are still de jure rules banning class 3s on the trail that allow ebikes?)

    in DC, at least, what would be considered Class 3 is legally not allowed to use bike lanes or trails, though it is definitely in a gray area of the regulations. Class 1 e-bikes are “motorized bicycles”, but an assist beyond 20mph makes it a motor-driven cycle (which also requires the user to have a driver’s license). I think Virginia is similar, at least for trails/parks/etc.

    @lordofthemark 226328 wrote:

    7. I can’t recall seeing an ELF or anything similar in the years since. If it’s still a thing it hasn’t taken off like all those ebikes, has it?

    Definitely hasn’t taken off, but there is one frequent MBT user that rides an ELF. The difference though is that he’s respectful, passes with care, and defers to other trail users in the especially awkward places for him (like the ramp down the M Street that requires a multi-point turn and would otherwise clog the entire trail if he wanted to barge his way through).


    There’s an ELF rider who I think regularly parks on 15th NW around M St. Have not seen the ELF in motion so can’t speak to the riders level of respect for others.

Viewing 2 posts - 376 through 377 (of 377 total)
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