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    @Zack 181820 wrote:

    The public outreach person for the Wharf is Elinor Bacon, ebacon@erbacondevelopment.com. Have they fixed the pothole caused by illegal construction crew at the Wharf yet?

    I saw that lettering too, I have never seen any guidance suggesting this. In fact, newer guidance does not suggest trail users “stop” as a precaution, those trail stop signs were meant as a warning.

    I don’t know why they do not have marked crosswalks and white stop bars although that would not stop most people anyways. They have dedicated police officers for the Wharf, I wish they would do some block the box enforcement.

    Ugh no- they threw some pebbles into the pothole but a pothole with pebbles is still a pothole.

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    Anyone notice the new “slow” and “stop” lettering accompanied by a white solid line (like that on the road where a car gets to a 4-way intersection) AT EVERY INTERSECTION along the bike route infront of the wharf?

    Am I the only one who thinks that including these lettered-signals on the bike path puts the onus on the cyclist to prevent accidents where cars pull into and outof the wharf rather than requiring cars to yield when cyclists/pedestrians have the walk signal or where there is no walk signal/light? If a car hits you they can claim you had a stop, and they did not. Oh, and for each of those intersections where a car is coming out between building exiting the wharf, there is no solid large white line telling them where they need to stop before proceeding to cross the pedestrian and bike paths.

    Seems a little unfair to the bikers. Makes me want to use Maine Ave. just to avoid having to stop at each intersection. Who am I kidding….. I’M NOT STOPPING (unless I have the red light)!

    Seems like they are making it less and less conventient to use the designated bike path by the wharf each week. They also need to repaint the “cyclist” or “bike” icon on the ground to signal to pedestrians the intent of the path. That seems much more noticble than the small signs posted on poles. There used to be pictures of bikes on the ground if I remember correctly but they have since washed away.

    Who do we contact about these things??!??!!!??

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    I contacted NPS yesterday and got the following response:

    ME: Looking to get an update regarding the dates of closure of the 14th street bridge to pedestrians and cyclists. I noticed we were still able to use the bridge this week, depsite the original plan to detour to the memorial bridge. Was wondering if there were new dates selected for the closure. Thanks.

    NPS: While we expected there to be no access to or from the bridge this week (October 7-13), we were very pleasantly surprised that the contractor was able to structure the work in order to restore access to the staircase next to the bridge after only one day of work. So no worries that it has been rescheduled – the work has been completed and there will be access to the bridge for the remainder of the project.


    Mike Litterst
    Chief of Communications

    National Park Service
    National Mall & Memorial Parks
    900 Ohio Drive, SW
    Washington, DC 20024
    Phone: (202) 245-4676

    I got Mike’s contact from this site: https://www.nps.gov/nama/learn/news/biketrailwork.htm

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    @pmf 181711 wrote:

    Anyone know how long the stairs detour on the DC side of the 14-th street bridge is going to last? I’m surprised no one has been hurt hauling their bikes up and down 40 stairs.

    Any updates on when the actual bridge crossing is closing? It was supposed to be closed for the week of Oct 07, but it has still been open for crossing this week. I rode across it at 8:30 am this morning (Wed Oct 10). NPS hasn’t posted any updated closure dates during which the Memorial Bridge will have to be used. Has anyone found updates?

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    @tnelson 146123 wrote:

    Are you cross-chaining at all? (In the big ring up front and one of the big cogs in back.) Derailleurs can be finicky if you pedal backwards when cross-chaining. If you normally ride in a chain ring-cog combo like that, just try using a smaller cog in the back.

    I am starting to think it is gremlins! I in fact yelled at my husband this morning that someone is playing an awful trick on me, except I would have evidence of a perpetrator based on all the grease they would get everywhere doing so! Ha! I do not do any shifting towards the end of my ride, as all of the area is pretty flat. I am sure this is not the issue. Because it is so flat around both work and home, I keep my gears pretty even, about midrange one the back gear, and on the large of the two gears in the front. I think that is what you mean by cross-chaining?

    In general, I have been doing this commute for years, and it is only in the last few weeks/months this issue started. I can only think it is somehow gear related, as I haven’t changed how I ride, where I store my bike, or the bike itself (other than routine maintenance). I even had my bike get a 1-year tune up done- if I think about it, I am pretty sure this issue started post tune-up.

    Based on your comments, maybe its with the derailleur? I think that’s where I will focus my investigation! Thanks.

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    @bentbike33 146117 wrote:

    Is the chain coming off the front gears (chainrings), or rear gears (cogs)?

    Does your rear hub turn freely when you backpedal, or is it sticky?

    Does your rear derailleur cage point more or less at the chainrings, or does it kind of point toward the wheel?

    The chain is coming off of the front gears, not the rear gears. Well when I first back pedal (for less than a second), it is not sticky, it is just fine until the chain drops, but that is just such a short time as it is almost immediate. If I am out riding and back pedal, no issues- does not drop, not sticky.

    Does your rear derailleur cage point more or less at the chainrings, or does it kind of point toward the wheel? No clue. I don’t know what this means exactly but will check this afternoon when I get back to my bike! Thanks.

    The bike is not resting against anything that is nocking it.

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    OK, Got these: http://www.pearlizumi.com/US/en/Shop/Ride/Mountain/Women’s/Footwear/Cycling%20Shoes/Women’s%20X-Alp%20Launch%20II/p/152160012FJ

    I think they fit the bill but lets see! Hoping that the part of the sole that covers the SPD mounting point stays on the shoe well.

    Also decided to order gloves, as I have never used any but am having strange nerve pains in my fingers, so maybe they will help alleviate that. Despite having commuted for years by bike, I have never really taken the time to invest in any gear other than my bike!

    Thanks! :D

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    @hozn 143222 wrote:

    Maybe try something like the Giro Rumble shoes https://www.bikeshoes.com/Giro-Rumble-VR-Mens-Mountain-Bike-Shoes/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw2ay8BRC7sYequMydsq0BEiQAbEX9UDxKMF-0i52XKri5lYhCOlLKE4_7SqoSGx9pBczgxvcaAk2u8P8HAQ

    In general, you are probably looking at downhill/freeride-type shoes where many riders prefer flat pedals. Brands like Five Ten. Or skateboard shoes like Converse.

    Thanks! It looks like they make a women’s version too: https://www.bikeshoes.com/Giro-Jacket-Mountain-Bike-Shoes/

    However, the shoe laces. I don’t get it!?! Why would anyone want shoe laces on a cycling shoe? It seems like a risk. Also, just difficult as compared to other closure systems. Someone please explain the benefit of laces!

    Would something like the following work? Does the pad that is in place of the SPD mount actually stay in place and can be kept instead of installing the SPD?

    I like that these are narrow, as my tennis shoes I am currently using (running shoes) are much wider and often get in the way. Tennis shoes just take too much of a beating while biking and I am going through too many pairs.

    in reply to: Pokemon Go Players: The Next "Crazy Ivans"? #1055327

    pardon me for being stereotypical: Two days in a row, car full of asians, half pulled on the sidewalk/still sticking out into the street, stopping in the middle of moving cars, all on their phone. SAME SPOT BOTH TIMES. All I can imagine is there is a pokemon there? If I catch it, will it go away?!?!? HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP!

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    @GovernorSilver 143088 wrote:

    I hear ya, but if you take the Behind The Buildings route, you avoid a lot of that – on most days it’s just you and your bike, blissfully cruising behind buildings with virtually no cars, no people for that matter other than perhaps a worker or two taking a smoke break. After you emerge from Behind The Buildings (if you’re northbound), you’ll find the connector to Mt. Vernon Trail to your right, unless of course you choose the Boundary Channel route.


    Yeah, but the areas circled in the photo below are difficult. Having to wait in a line of 10 cars behind a stop sign to turn left onto S Clark is frustrating (inch forward 2 feet, stop, inch forward, stop, inch forward……), and cars go fast on that route at S Clark, then the intersection near the Hyatt to get back onto S Potomac is even more difficult, I feel like I almost get hit there every time. How do you deal with that part of it? I am going all the way south to Del Ray. Riding the sidewalk along Potomac can get dangerous will all of the cars going in and out of the shopping center and not necessarily looking out. One time I was up on the sidewalk going south, had a guy on the road coming south who wanted to turn into the Target lot from behind on Potomac Ave, he was coming from behind me (I was ahead of him on the sidewalk, had no idea he was there behind me) and instead of him waiting for me to go through the intersection crossing the entrance to the parking lot, he laid on the horn, sped up to turn immediately in front of me and cut me off. People gotta get their Target man!


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    @lordofthemark 143077 wrote:

    Well this time the illegal proceed straight through car at Eye and S Cap was actually sitting IN the bike lane waiting (ahead of me and two other cyclists), so I guess it least it was both clearer what he was going to do, and less dangerous. Still a WTF moment.


    I have reported this area to the cops many times (since this is on my daily commuting route), after being side swiped here by a car sitting in the right hand turn lane, with me next to her to her left in the bike lane, and then she sped up at the green and pushed me to try to get around me (and the other cars) going straight through the intersection. Unfortunately, I have seen cops do this too. It’s a regular thing, almost every day, every green. I have started reporting license plate numbers of the cars who aggressively endanger bikes by doing this. The problem is, the city (police department) doesn’t care, until somebody gets killed. I am thinking about getting a Fly6/Fly12 camera to report it.

    The funny thing is, almost all of them turn into McDonalds!!!!!!!! They are in such a rush to get in front of everyone so they can be first in line!


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    @GovernorSilver 143070 wrote:

    That was my evening route when I first started bike commuting. I don’t like that switchback, and most of the people who I encounter on it are rude.

    Thanks to this awesome forum, I learned about this route, which goes behind the buildings in Crystal City – then takes you on 26th to S. Clark St.:

    I avoid Crystal City at all costs. I will take the rude bikers over the ignorant drivers. Especially along parking areas, where people double park to go to Chick-fil-a, or pull into or out of those parallel spots without even checking. There are just too many places you have to stop for drivers, lights, or stop signs through Crystal City on your way south. The tunnel and underpass are dangerous, and bikers are rude there too. It’s not worth the stress. After 2 years I have mastered the switchback!

    Plus, you encounter rude and impatient bikers wherever you go. You are never more than 10 feet away from a self involved person. Thanks for the suggestions

    in reply to: My Morning Commute #1055261

    On my afternoon commute: Was passing a guy walking his puppy under the bridges on 4 mile run, just after exiting the MVT and before the switch back that brings you up behind Potomac Yards. Went a little slow because the puppy was all over on the leash and I was just about to turn onto the switch back anyways, and got passed by the biggest d*** bag (going in the same direction as us and coming from behind us) who yelled at me and my husband as if we were inconveniencing him by being in the left (to pass the dog) and slowing him down; obviously he was worried about his strava time. How big of a jerk are you to get upset about your speed over a puppy?!?? What’s wrong with people. I hope he gets a stick in his spokes and I hope he reads this post and feels embarrassed for himself! He deserves it for being an awful human being. On the bright side, the puppy was the cutest black lab ever.

    Also passed by a car who was stopped half on the sidewalk/half in the street on Main Ave. SW in the middle of moving traffic so he could stop and get a pokemon while driving….. This pokemon thing is getting dangerous for drivers who are not paying attention to bikers. Maybe for every biker you hit you will get extra poke points?! Are poke points a thing?

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    @Judd 142870 wrote:

    I saw him on the W&OD along 4MR yesterday. Jogged my memory that Chris Tank had posted a picture of him on Strava before: https://www.strava.com/activities/578542818

    Paging ctank for some more info.

    Where do I get one of these?! Maybe biking the rain wouldn’t suck so much during metro shutdown haha.


    @washcycle 142797 wrote:

    I don’t even think a bush would do it. You would need a wall. If only there were someone who liked walls, but not Bushs.


    Donald Trump will fix all of our biking problems.

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