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    2/27/24 SENSE

    This sculpture appeals to our visual sense, engendering a sense of awe at the artistry.

    Pardon the changes on this one. I posted before midnight. But then I tried to edit the caption, and it ate the photo. So I tried to upload the photo again, but accidentally picked a different one than I had originally used. I figured that using a different photo probably violated the spirit of getting it posted before midnight, so I’ve now put the photo back the way it was before midnight.



    2/27 sense – It made no sense for this extra long flatbed trailer truck to try to turn onto this narrow street, but boy did my senses activate when it started driving right toward me on the wrong side of the street.

    The truck got stuck and couldn’t complete the turn. Took a while to back up, with a couple near hits of scooter riders behind it. The flatbed was unusually long.

    I hopped my bike onto the sidewalk to get by and steer clear of the impatient car behind me that drove right up to the truck face.


    2/28/24   Your Wordle to illustrate is



    Aaron bikes

    2/28/24 DEVIL

    The Exorcist staircase in Georgetown

    The girl in The Exorcist was posessed by the DEVIL. During the exorcism,  the priest beats the girl and convinces the demon to posess him instead. The demon does, and the priest immediately jumps out the window and down this famous staircase.


    2/28/24 Devil

    The Devil’s Chair Bridge in Rock Creek Park is at the foot of the Oak Hill Cemetery.

    The term devil’s chair usually refers to a memorial sculpture common in this country during the nineteenth century, when cemeteries sometimes included carved chairs for the comfort of visitors. In this function, the object was known as a mourning chair. Some carved chairs, however, were not intended for use as anything but monuments. Once the original purpose of these chairs fell out of fashion, superstitions developed in association with the act of sitting in them. In a typical example, local young people dare one another to visit the cemetery, most often after dark, or on a certain night, such as Halloween. Variously, the stories suggest the person brave enough to sit in the chair at such a time may be punished for not showing due respect or rewarded for their courage.

    Aaron bikes

    @DCAKen , I’ve been across that bridge many times, but had no idea it had a name, let alone such an ominous one!



    2/28/2024 – devil

    Alcohol was sometimes called the DEVIL’s drink.


    2/28/24 – Devil


    2/28/2024 – devil

    Goats are known to be associated with the devil. These goats were ultimately sacrificed in last night’s rainstorm.



    inside this store lurks devil food cake mix


    2/28/2024 – Devil

    Jesus and Devils on the same sign!


    2/28/24 devil
    Devil’s Chair Footbridge in Rock Creek Park


    2/28/24 DEVIL won’t catch me because I found a unicorn and plan to ride away on a rainbow 🌈


    2/28 devil – UNC’s mascot is a ram. Some people think of the devil as having ram-like horns. UNC’s rival Duke has the Blue Devil for a mascot. In intense rivalries, either team may think of the other as devilish.


    2/28/2024 devil

    The Capitals beat the New Jersey Devils 6 -2 on 2/20/24.

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