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    Anna He


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    01/08/2024 – FINAL
    FINAL resting place, similar to many other scav hunters :))01/08/2024 FINAL</p>

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    Participant is my card URL.

    @cvcalhoun 226665 wrote:

    Bigredboiler, who conducted this game last year, has passed it on to me. I’ve made a few minor changes, so be sure to check the description below.

    This year’s Bingo will start on January 1, so you need to get a BINGO card before then if you want to play the first round.

    Basic premise: You can claim a Bingo spot on or after the day that “thing” is called

    • Daily (starting Jan 1) I will announce the proverbial “bingo number” to the forum (which will actually be an object/thing)
    • If a player finds and photographs the “thing” on their ride that day (or a future day), they mark that spot on their Bingo card
    • You can only claim one spot per day
    • First player to find 5 things making “BINGO” wins

    How to you get your BINGO card?
    Option #1: Generate your own & post to this thread to share –> Click this link and then the “Generate Card” button that you will see on that page…the result will be the URL to your BINGO card.
    Option #2: I will generate a card/URL for you and share to this thread & the Google Sheet for tracking the game. Just post asking me for a URL and then check the forum/Google Sheet for your URL.

    You can check the Google Sheet I’ll use for tracking to confirm I have your valid URL reported for your card.

    Key additional info (and I’ll probably add more later to clarify based on questions I get):

    • You must post the URL of your unique Bingo card to this thread (I will add everyone’s card to the Google sheet)
    • You must post the photo of the object taken during your ride to this thread
    • You must include the photo in your Strava ride for the day and #Bingo in your ride title
    • First person to announce BINGO to this thread (and I verify their entries) wins
    • If the game ends quickly, I’ll do another round (we’ll see how it goes)

    Other thoughts:

    • I plan to post the day’s Bingo# the prior evening
    • Most objects are likely self-explanatory, and I will provide a little more detail with each day’s announcement. Also feel free to message me if you have questions.
    • There are 75 objects/items in total and 25 are randomly selected for each player’s Bingo card
    • Here is the link to the Google sheet I’ll use to track what’s been called, and everyone’s card
    • If you win, I’ll verify you submitted valid photos on the right day when item was called
    • If you want to cheat and ruin the fun for everyone, I’m sure you can.
    • Prize will likely be a gift card of some kind

    Have fun and let me know any questions!

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    Registering now!

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