Where the hell did Public Art Finder go?!?!

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    I cannot find the topic. Going from the links in the Pointless Prize thread gives me 404 errors. Same for using the search function. And for some reason, I can’t find the topic on the first or second page. And it’s getting close to midnight. So I hope the sponsors will accept this cow from Butchers Alley in Bethesda, even if posted in the wrong place.



    Back home on my computer, still can’t find the topic.  However:

    1/6/23 – Ich Bin Ein Berliner mural on the side of what used to be Berliner Bier & Wursthaus on Water Street in Georgetown.  No idea how much longer this will be around, given that the place has closed and the whole block seems to be under construction.


    Here is the link to the #publicartfinder page I found — don’t ask me how I found it!


    However, it doesn’t seem to be updating. I thought I posted an art find for yesterday but it’s not showing up.

    No worries, as long as your art finds are posted to Strava, per the other rules of the game, I’ll count them. Presumably there’s some issue with the new site that the webmaster needs to resolve. Until that time I’ll be monitoring Strava for everyone who’s playing #publicartfinder.


    I get a 404 error with that link


    We’re still working through some glitches. Seems that some posts to a thread lock it up and remove it from view. I can quickly approve it and the thread will reappear. Not sure why this is happening. For now, just msg me if something goes missing, and I’ll approve it asap. Thanks for your patience.


    Thanks Henry!


    Hmmm. (guessing the glitch was fixed in the meantime 🙂 )

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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