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    @Boomer2U 193294 wrote:

    When do you expect to cruise through Lady Bird Johnson Park?
    I was able to time the rendezvous there with you for the Apollo 50 ride, and might try again for tonight’s DC Monuments ride, FYI

    Hi! My original intent was to roll from Papillon at 7:15, but I have guests who will arrive a few minutes after that. So, likely to roll 7:30-ish, which would put me at the south side of LBJ closer to 8. To keep closer track, text me @ 703-851-8407. Merci!


    @Starduster 193293 wrote:

    Papillon’s Monuments at Night Redux is this evening. The weather forecast- Clear. Sunset at 7:07pm, temperatures around 81 going down to 74 by 11. Can’t ask for better …

    Starduster, thank you for leading the ride and telling us some interesting things about our monuments. It was a great evening for riding.


    Pics (so you know it happened). Here we go… Photo credit Dylan Graydon

    Presidents Jefferson and FDR.



    FDR, Dr. King, and I’ll let Larry Behery (The Old Bike Shop) explain what was going on at the DC World War I Memorial.



    It has been years since *anyone* has been able to do these shots at the base of the Washington Monument. It finally reopened this past week. So we did…

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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