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    Steve O

    As announced on the Pointless Prizes compilation thread, I am once again sponsoring the Meh-diocrity Pointless Prizes, awarded to the team and rider(s) ending up exactly in the middle.

    I’m pleased to note that my team, the Bollard Busters, is currently in 10th place – exactly in the middle!

    Steve O

    January 26 update!!

    Team 4 – Snow Dogs is now camped out in the middle of the pack in 10th place. However, For Your Ice Only could slack just a little from 9th to grab the middle spot. Or the Betty Whiteouts could gain just 62 points as of the time of this post to go full Meh.
    Oh! The excitement!!!

    Here’s the individual standings for Meh-diocrity. Will Stringer and Leslie J are anchoring the middle of the standings, but there’s plenty of time left.

    Steve O

    Hello Middle-of-the-packers,

    We just passed the middle of Freezing Saddles (it was Tuesday), so here’s the update on the Meh-diocrity standings

    Hanging out in the middle, we have the Magnificent Seven. Note that only 53 points separate these three teams. That’s less than a single deca-sleaze ride.

    And in individual Meh-dom, we have Annmarie Eldering and Leslie J anchoring the exact middle, at least as of right now. That Leslie J is pretty tenacious, it seems. However, things can change fast among the ordinary folk.


    Steve O

    Almost end of February update on the Meh-diocrity standings that you have all been awaiting

    Nine and Fine is in 10th and Mehth, but the point difference is really close, so this is still up in the air


    There are now 189 participants, which means there is a single meh-diocre rider (as of the time of this post): Susan G


    Steve O

    Just 3 days to go, and the tension mounts. Who will be the meh-iest of all?

    Here’s the team standings for Meh, with Team 7 – the Meh-nifecent! now anchoring the middle

    And in the individual Meh standings, we have Carol Abel and Alison Sigethy smack in the middle. Special double Meh points to Alison, who is also on team 7 (and in the middle of the team, no less)


    Loose Bones

    Why not just use the same thread as last year?

    Announcing the 2023 Freezing Saddles Meh-Diocrity awards. Same as before: the team that and individual who end up exactly in the middle of the standings will win some sort of mediocre prize.

    Steve O

    I am rejuvenating the Meh-Diocrity Pointless Prize thread from last year.
    Same deal: The team(s) that and person(s) who end up exactly in the middle of the leaderboard will win some sort of mediocre prize.

    Let the race begin!!!

    Steve O

    It’s still early, but the competition is fierce for the Meh-diocrity Pointless Prize.
    Because there are 18 teams, there are actually two teams in the middle, places 9 and 10.
    Behold the current leaders!

    There are currently 173 riders listed on the leaderboard, so 87th place is exactly meh.

    Steve O

    Today is the halfway point of Freezing Saddles 2023. Seems like a fitting time to identify those who are halfway between the top and the bottom

    The two Meh-est teams in the team standings are:
    The Mighty Mukluks
    Puckering Penguins


    And the two individuals exactly in the mehddle are (although this can change by the time you read it):
    William “Soup” Campbell
    Eddie R – the fact that he is on the Mighty Mukluks, too, makes this double meh. Probably worthy of a doubly pointless prize.



    Meh is “just right”.


    My team -9 lives – is in 9th place, so poised to be one of the teams to get the meh- diocrity prize this year. And today’s the last day, so seems likely.

    But can I just say, my team is actually not meh – it’s a great team. Despite having 1 player who’s ridden 2 days we’re ahead of 2 teams with 2 high milers each and no players who’ve ridden only single digit days. Meanwhile our team only has me as a high miler, which tbh is a bit of a reach. This is the first year I’ve been in the teens on the leaderboard (as opposed to the 20s for the last few) as the first year I’ve broken 2,000 miles before the end of FS.

    We did have trouble getting together for team rides – I think being spread out as we are made that hard – but I finally figured out to my surprise that Fridays worked better than weekends for enough ppl & we had a group of 4 + a friend on 3/17 despite the nearly day long drizzle


    Steve O

    Announcing the 2023 team “winners” of the Meh-Diocrity award

    The team meh-dals went to:
    Nine Lives
    Puckering Penguins

    Medals displayed below. If you would like your meh-dal, let me know.


    Steve O

    The Meh-est of the meh. Winners of the Individual Meh-Diocrity award, who receive relatively ordinary award certificates, printed on a manila folder are:

    Halima Ali
    Thomas Crockett


    *(I guess)

    Steve O

    I will once again offer the Meh-diocrity Pointless Prizes for those right in the meh-dle of the pack. Based on points on the official leaderboard.

    Team prize for the Middle team
    Individual prize (or prizes) for the middle rider

    Note that if there are an even number of teams of players, this prize will go to the two teams/individuals exactly in the middle.

    Now go out there and ride…sometimes.

    Steve O

    Today is the halfway point of Freezing Saddles 2024, so it’s time to see who is in the middle: the meh-est, if you will

    In the teams Meh-Diocrity standings, we have Team Shiba and the Vengeful Orcas occupying the middle places. With a bit of slacking Team 21 could undertake Shiba for  one of the meh-dle spots. or the Tenacious Ten-Speeds could dial it up to 11 for just a bit and overtake the Orcas. Oh! The excitement!!!

    And in the individual rankings, we have this:

    Beth D and April DeRome are exactly in the meh-dle on the middle day of Freezing Saddles – truly something to celebrate. By tonight, though, with a bit of slacking or a bit of effort, others are likely to have claimed their spots.

    Halfway still to go, everyone!!!

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