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    On the registration form you were asked if you would volunteer. Here is how people answered.

    Please remember, FS14 is self organized. No one is in charge. If you would like to help, please self-organize and get it done.

    Brent I’m a database/web developer (and I just received early access to Strava’s V3 API, so I can help with any sort of data stuff
    ejwillis62 help with happy hours
    Mikey I volunteer to create weekly side bets/competitions throughout the competition. I will post these on the Forum
    vvill I will do some awards as I did last year.
    CPTJohnC I’m open to doing what is needed, but I’m largely untalented/ unskilled (after all, there’s a reason I’m a lawyer). I’m happy to help by taking charge of a pointless prize, or assisting with similar stuff.
    ekf Sure! Awards, HH, whatever is needed!
    dasgeh Organize awards
    GregBain happy hour and prizes
    elwbikes assist in organizing a happy hour
    DCAKen Supply a pointless prize award
    PeteD I volunteer to Help Out to the best of what I know how to do.
    jrenaut Back end work is probably most my speed
    Fast Friendly Guy artwork
    KelOnWheels Sure! Whatever’s needed. :)
    KayakCyndi Award KOW or QOW (of world) pointless prize and maybe others.
    creadinger Back-end spreadsheet work? Graphs?
    kcb203 happy hour, or anything else
    Steve O Yes – will compile best ride titles pointless prizes like last year
    summersdrummers organize awards or happy hour
    gswim18 Errands in Gtown or Bethesda?
    dbb happy hour
    83(b) Rule #21: I will work at whatever I am told to do.
    Erin C help organize an event/happy hour
    sjclaeys Unskilled volunteer work
    Justin Antos Award a couple prizes!
    seunpu I’m flexible
    sleeplatekate yes. Data entry or formatting?
    summersdrummers I will volunteer to help organize awards or a happy hour


    I’ll be glad to help disorganize the group of happy hour folks. ;)

    – Kathy

    Tim Kelley

    TK would like to volunteer to provide Washington Area Bike Forum Zipper Pulls to be passed out at the Happy Hour if someone else volunteers to pick them up from the BikeArlington intergalactic headquarters in Rosslyn!


    Thanks, Tim. Any volunteers?


    @Arlingtonrider 72567 wrote:

    Thanks, Tim. Any volunteers?

    I can do that.


    I remain willing to do something within my modest skills and time available. If someone has an idea that seems to fit my uniquely untalented self, let me know.

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