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    I ended up deciding to take my swing at the Tour de Pit Stops. Goal: visit all 11 Virginia inside-the-Beltway BTWD morning pit stops.

    The sequence seemed obvious once I noted that Del Ray would be the only stop to open at 6am and that East Falls Church was the only one open until 9:30. I cheated on time a bit (left Old Town before its official opening, and arrived at Falls Church a few minutes after 9), but I completed the whole thing more easily than I expected. My longest stop was 15 minutes at Falls Church, but I did manage to mix in a few brief conversations with riders and volunteers at 4 of the other 10 stops also. I wasn’t planning on collecting any swag, but I valiantly saved a few leftover items from going to waste at my last two stops.

    All in all: awesome ride! Although I totally violated the spirit of BTWD by removing the W (and I guess the T?) from that acronym this year.


    6:04am Del Ray:
    6:20am Alexandria City Hall:
    6:31am John Carlyle Square Park:
    7:06am Mark Center:


    7:21am Shirlington Library:
    7:42am Penrose Square:
    7:57am Crystal City Water Park:
    8:20am Gateway Park, Rosslyn:


    8:40am Freshbikes, Ballston:
    9:06am Falls Church (W&OD at Little Falls):
    9:21am another pic before departing Falls Church (W&OD at Little Falls):
    9:27am East Falls Church Metro Station:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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