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    Greetings, Team 12. I’m Paul, your team captain. Looking forward to meeting you all.

    Team strava club url:


    Happy to be part of this group of perfectly well adjusted crazy folk!


    Welcome to the Team.

    “Randomduck,” I see you’re sponsoring the Ross Hill loop Pointless Prize. I may have to hit that after work. I ride from home in Arlington to Bethesda–and often do Beach Drive southbound. It’s nice and peaceful in the dark. :)

    My commute is about 24 miles round trip by the most direct route (Military Rd/Chain Bridge/Capital Crescent). I usually extend that in the evenings, unless the weather’s miserable. 50-plus mile rides on the weekends when I can swing it.


    Happy to sponsor a prize for a loop that has some climbing, leafless trees, NPS Rangers, and moss-on-pavement. Living in Dupont Circle this loop is a regular part of my training regimen.

    I am basically a weekday-only rider as I coach alpine ski racing and my weekends are basically spoken for through the end of March. I’ll be working primarily on base miles to enter the 2023 event season with good fitness. On racing travel weekends I’ll be on Zwift (sadly) just to keep the legs sharp.

    I hope to meet the members of the team as BAFS goes along. Happy hours are a specialty.


    We could meet up and hit the loop on a weeknight as a “team” event for anyone who wants to join. I’m usually done at the office at 5:30 and could meet six-ish.

    Randomduck will probably drop me like a hot rock on the first climb though. :)


    meet six-ish

    Hello Team, I am adrian: this is my third year. My riding distances are erratic, and I’m very susceptible to peer pressure!

    I am also interested in riding on weekdays at 5:30 or 6. I’m busy tomorrow (Thursday). Did someone want to pick a day/time/location? Thanks for being cool teammates!


    Dearest Team 12

    This is Rumi crashing your team thread to announce this year’s “team fundraising challenge” to reward any teams where all 10 members chip in *any amount* to the Feeding Saddles campaign, our annual charity partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank!

    To help your team win a cool little prize:

    1. Donate Any Amount (every dollar provides two meals!): (if you already have donated, skip to step #2, and yes, you can donate anonymously if you prefer)

    2. Hashtag: To count your donation towards your team challenge goal, just edit the title of your latest ride on strava (any ride since Jan 1 really) to include this hashtag:


    3. Check out to see your team’s progress!

    4. When all 10 on your team have chipped in any amount, you WIN! (and so do people who need food!)


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