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    Steve O

    Did anyone ride up or down the Rosslyn hill on the Custis today?
    I heard a second-hand report that a rider was directed by workers to ride on Langston west of Scott St. without any protection – no cones blocking the lane or anything. I don’t imagine this is the accepted detour.


    No issues this morning, at 0730.


    When I rode through there yesterday morning (~6:30), there were cones blocking a lane on Langston, but the trail was clear. I took the long way home, so can not comment on how it was yesterday afternoon.


    Re-routed off the trail onto Langston between Scott and Quinn this morning. The lane is protected.


    Riders heading west were directed off Langston onto N Scott Street by road crew personnel. There were no signs indicating where to go after that. We (there were 2 riders in front of me) just improvised. At one point we ended up back in the construction area. After a course correction, we re-connected with the trail after the I-66 bridge. I’d say the road crew isn’t exactly up to speed on safe accommodations.


    Scott to Oak, or vice versa, is the route I take much of the time anyway, especially home up the hill. If heading outbound, it’s right on Oak, left on 22nd St., brief left on Queen, right on 21st Rd, left on Rolfe, right on 21st Rd. again, left on Scott, right on 21st St., then left on Smyth or Troy to 20th where the trail is again. It sounds complicated because Arlington loves to put their same-numbered roads and streets right next to each other, but once you’ve done it, it’s easy. There are actually a couple of variations that can be done as well.

    Some of you people likely have those mappy things on your phones mounted in front of you, in which case can just follow that.


    Great minds think alike, huskerdont. That’s my “uphill” route too–avoids the pedestrian/dog-walker/slow rider/narrow trail crapstorm behind the sound wall. Downhill is usually in the morning and not problem. No daisy pickers at that hour. Most people just want to get to work in a timely fashion.

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