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    Gr P

    Hello, All,

    New-Old cyclist here, planning on returning to commuting down the MVT to work. I used to commute to work and other events in DC beginning in 1989 through 2004. Stopped cycling altogether in 2006 (“life” happens) but now returning to the MVT. I’m super surprised to see how many websites have been developed dedicated to cycling in our area. Sure was different 20+ years ago. The communication seems excellent!

    I plan to ride in from the Hayfield / Kingstowne / S. Kings Hwy. area, along Telegraph Rd. Unfortunately, down at N. Kings Hwy. and Huntington Ave. is where the fun stops. Is there any reasonably safe way to get past the 495 entry and exit ramps on Telegraph Rd. over to Duke Street / GW Masonic Temple area? I thought I might be able to take the ramp from Telegraph Rd. to Eisenhower Ave. (adjacent to the Metro station), but the way I seen people drive, that seems seriously dicey.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


    There is a dedicated path for bikes and pedestrians along the ramp from Telegraph to Eisenhower. Completely separated from traffic.  Go straight across Eisenhower to Mill Rd which is saner than Ike Ave. Right on Mill. Slight left on Jameson at the light where Mill goes right. Jameson to Dulany. Left on near sidewalk on Dulany to connect to the Duke Street underpass. (Bikes are allowed.)  Once on the north side of Duke, backtrack on Diagonal to Duke. Go one block and you’re at Callahan and the Temple.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Gr P

    Hello Rootchopper,

    Thank you for your input. I “think” I can picture where / what you mean? I am fairly familiar with Eisenhower Ave., particularly the area around the Metro station. I’ve never noticed any type of separated path on the ramp to Eisenhower.

    Tell me if I’m correct, please. When coming down right side of Telegraph (requires crossing Telegraph at least twice from Hayfield Kingstowne area to stay on a path rather than road), cross N. Kings Hwy, cross Huntington Ave. and then come to the inclined ramp leading from Telegraph to Eisenhower.

    At the bottom of the ramp at the intersection, Ike Metro station to the right, Starbucks straight across the intersection at Ike Ave. and Grist? I know that Grist Mill is adjacent to NSF, CVS and restaurants / movie theater. I definitely know where Delaney is over at the PTO across from Alexandria Metro station.

    If I can make it onto Eisenhower, I might take a right and go to the end and hit Duke near Whole Foods, then head down Duke until S. Union and onto the path by Oronoco Bay Park.

    I just cannot picture where the separated path might be unless it’s concealed by the concrete barriers leading up the ramp? I’m going to drive over to the ramp at Eisenhower this weekend and try to locate that path.

    Much appreciated Rootchopper!


    The ramp to Eisenhower is indeed separated by a concrete wall.

    The ride along Telegraph south to the ramp is not for the squeamish. You need to use the crosswalks at Huntington and the slip lane from Huntington to Telegraph. The curb cut to the ramp is at the end of the crosswalk at the slip lane.

    Good luck.


    Gr P

    Heya, Rootchopper, I checked it out Saturday morning and was able to see the path right at the crosswalk up the ramp, concealed by the concrete barriers.

    Thank you so much for pointing out the path to me. As often as I’ve taken that ramp or driven past it, I never noticed it. Now commuting will be a significantly more pleasant experience knowing I’ll be on a path all the way down to Eisenhower!

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