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    Post: Bikepacking!
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    Posted by: drevil
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    Awesome setup KayakCyndi. Yeah, those Revelate bags are great quality aren’t they?

    Your rear pack looks way out there, but it’s cool if it works for you. The C&O doesn’t require a lot of hard, unseated efforts anyway ;)

    I tried a friend’s rear pack (which I think was the same as yours) before getting my own (a shorter Revelate Pika), and when I was mashing out of the saddle on some climbs, the pack swayed so much that it often twisted my seatpost so that I’d have to stop to recenter my saddle after most climbs. I may make a bottom brace like one of my buddies did, who stole the idea from Porcelain Rocket:


    Another thing I learned when using the packs is to put silicon tape on the frame/seatpost where the velcro goes over. It prevents the packs from moving so much AND it protects the frame from the scratching that you may get from the inevitable dirt that gets under there. I just used this stuff from Home Depot, but it’s available on Amazon as well. I guess you could get the “official” bikepacking stuff as well:

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