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    Post: How Your Website Design And SEO Should Work In Concert
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    Posted by: Carlbiz
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    How Your Website Design And SEO Should Work In Concert
    Website design and SEO, or search engine optimization, go hand-in-hand from the initial conception of a website. Often, many business owners don’t think they should consider SEO until after their website is completed. This simply isn’t true. Not only should an SEO website design appeal to your target audience. It should also be structured for the search engines as well. These simple one-time elements, or on-page factors, can act as a bonus to your search engine rankings once your site is live.
    When you first start mapping out your website design, you’ll need to focus on some specific factors to increase its visibility on the search engines. For starters, you’ll need to determine the prime domain name for your site. It’s always best to include your keywords within the domain of your website. For example, if you sell widgets, you would want your focused keyword phrase for widgets within your website domain. Your chances of getting noticed by the search engines for your top keywords are certainly increased if they are already within your name!
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    Quality content is essential within the parameters of website design and SEO. Another interesting note is that the search engines tend to prefer older sites, but those with fresher content. So, once your site is live, make sure you are continually updating it with quality, fresh content. You can hire a reliable writer and translator to handle your content writing and translation task.
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