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    Their name was pronounced Joy. They were a fixture (even the WashPo got this right). They were an avid cyclist, messengering all over the city, and wonderful person. I got to know them through the BAFS2021 edition when they were on my team. The world is just a little less bright without Dzhoy, and our community is a little smaller without them. They were murdered on July 15, 2023. I wont attempt to win the mileage crown again this year (work won’t permit it and my wife would not be enthused for a repeat attack)…but every km I ride will be for Dzhoy.

    aka Der Bierpuncheur // GRVLR ��



    Did they ever catch the perpetrator?


    I don’t know. Cursory internet searches do not provide any info after the initial reports.


    My brother-in-law’s house is a half a block from where it happened. I was there on Saturday and saw the ghost bike. He and his wife have not heard or been told if anyone has been identified yet.


    Their murder still is on the “unsolved homicide” list from the DC MPD.


    So sad, never had the pleasure of meeting Dzhoy but looked forward every day to their Strava posts.


    I wish I was in town for this. Dzhoy is the reason I’m doing FS this year. I met Dzhoy last year when they were trying to get more miles in for FS.


    I met Dzhoy on a ride last freezing Saddles (2023.) They were the kinda person you make friends with in the first half hour, Their story was mesmerizing – I rode most of the ride up front with them.

    Periodically during the ride we’d stop at a stop sign or a red light, and Dzhoy, the youngest rider in the group, would turn around & count heads. (Dzhoy used to be a nursery school teacher. I bet they were good!)

    I got to ride with them once more before they were untimely murdered. It was a Strava art ride with David Pomeroy – we drew a seahorse. Dzhoy did some trackstanding for us. I have pictures (just not sure I i remember how to share them here.) I’m still wearing a purple bow on my helmet from the memorial ride last July. They were as young as my kids! [emoji34]

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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