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    Tim Kelley

    Each year, about 300 bikes are stolen in Arlington. Unfortunately, of those bikes recovered by police, only a small
    percentage are returned because it is difficult to correctly identify the owner of a stolen bicycle without the serial number.

    You can greatly increase the chance of getting your bike back by doing two simple things: Register your bike with the Police Department and report it if it’s stolen. Bike registration is easy and free, and you can do it online. Click here to visit the BikeArlington website for more information. You will receive in the mail within 7 days, an ACPD decal to place on your bicycle which, when visible, is a definite deterrent to theft.

    You can also view online at the Bike Registration website, photos of recovered bikes currently in police custody. If you’ve had a bike stolen in Arlington, it may be online just waiting for you to recognize it!

    Abandoned Bikes: Call 703-228-4057. It may be stolen and you will have made someone very happy. Leave your phone number and a description and location of the bicycle.

    Bike safety tips

    • Lock your bike whenever it’s not being ridden. Most stolen bikes are not locked up. Lock up even when in a garage or storage shed and lock the shed and garage doors.
    • The Arlington County Police Department strongly recommends the use of a U-lock due to larcenies of bikes using chains and cables.
    • Always lock your bike to a solid object.

    I quite like the idea of registering with the local PD. Do you know if there is a similar service with DCPD?


    After getting my bike stolen last month. I used the Montgomery County bike registration system here for my new bike.


    I can’t find anything like this on the Fairfax Police website. I assume I have to live in Arlington to register my bike with ACPD.


    MPD started recommending that DC cyclist register their bikes with the National Bike Registry when DC stopped requiring registration of bikes in DC

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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