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    Well my ride across IOWA was really fun. I totally enjoyed it. Logistically it is a bit of a nightmare but when you get there and it is just you and your bike it is awesome. My bike was worry free all week, no flats, no problems. The riding thanks to my commuting was no problem. I loved the camping. Someone on this site recommended Brancel Charters and they were awesome. woke up to coffee every morning. Bike pumps set out to check my tires. Hot showers every evening. Awesome group.
    I really enjoyed myself. Ate a TON of food they have vendors in every town you have to stop yourself from eating. I did the century loop and got my patch. All and all one of the greatest vacations I have ever had.
    I would highly recommend this ride.


    Sweet. How far in advance did you have to book?


    I was on the ride too. The ride was great except for Friday. Pouring rain and 25 mile an hour headwinds kind of sucked.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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