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    Just noticed there’s no Bicycle Convoy for Old Town Alexandria to Downtown DC this year. I assume that means it’s too late to offer so rather what would be the process if I were interested in hosting/leading this next year?


    Tim Kelley

    Amelia, welcome to the Forum. If you are interested in starting the process for leading a convoy, I’d suggest you get in touch with Michelle Cleveland from WABA who is organizing them: michelle.cleveland@waba.org

    No promises, but she might even be able to get you into this year’s convoy list!


    If you do get a convoy together, please let me know and I can announce it from the stage at the Market Square pit stop. It would be great to have an Alexandrian convoy this year.


    Ditto, I can help if necessary, but I will leave the pit stop by 7:30/7:45 most likely because my hours have me in at 8:30 at current job and I complete my fun ride with the great climb to DC’s highest points :).


    Thanks everyone! I just emailed Michelle offering for 2015 so will let you know. My chosen pit stop is Carlyle but I may stop by the others as well for fun.


    I , I’m new at this bike to work thing (I did ride to work last year but not since). I’m stopping at the Del Ray pit stop, maybe by Crystal City, and if it’s not pouring, want to ride to Foggy Bottom/West End area. I’d like to be downtown by 8:30, so can leave as early as needed to make that.

    Anyone else going that way? If it rains, I’ll probably drop my bike at Crystal City and ride the metro in!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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