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    Due to child chauffeuring obligations (oh all right — AND riding with acc), I did not find time this weekend to make the rounds of LBSs. We are teaching basic bike maintenance to the Boy Scouts on Tuesday evening and I need to bring a couple of old tubes so they can practice patching them. Does anyone in the W&OD-Custis have any old tubes lying around? I can pick them up if you are between Vienna and DC (I work near Farragut North).

    If you know where to get the cheapest patch kits, too, I might need a couple of extra.

    Thanks very much in advance.



    we have a bunch and live just off the Custis near Quincy. We’re mostly around the house these days, though not tomorrow 9-noon.


    Thanks to everyone for the offers and the tubes! Just wanted to follow up:

    We had a great training session tonight. The scouts were more attentive than I was expecting. We tried to keep things lively by including contests for prizes. Once we showed them how to patch a tube, we had the patrols compete to see who could patch and inflate the tube the fastest. Wouldn’t you know, the youngest patrol won.

    Gave away all the extra Bike Arlington swag I had lying around as prizes (blinkie lights, reflective ankle straps and one vest). They were just as excited by the stuff as we are. We continue next week with rules of the road and trail. Not sure what I will use for prizes.

    Thanks again.



    Sorry for the late reply, but if you ever need tubes in the future, Phoenix Bikes in Barcroft Park has tons. We will give you as many as you need. We also sell patch kits for $2.

    Henry Dunbar
    Executive Director
    Phoenix Bikes

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