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    I have panniers with 12″ x 9″ footprint. Most of what I find at REI and online are narrow ones, up to 7″ extending outward. Mine extends 9″ outward, and I am kind of used to it. It’s JANDD brand, my guess it’s rebranded Bushwhacker panniers, but I am not sure:



    Is there anything available locally that is 9″ to 12″ or so extending outward, or you know of the top of your head online? I looked in Amazon, but most are clones of 6″ to 7″ deep panniers. Here are two I am considering:

    Dual Bike Mule:


    Best of the clones, might be 8″ deep as mentioned in Q&A section:

    FANWU 50L Bike Panniers:

    The only issue that I have with Bike Mule is that it’s see through, and I like to leave somethings in them, like “cheap” gloves. If you have a cargo bike, these may not fit as the clips are designed for thin racks(mine is not cargo, so no problem here). My JANDD brand has snaps that were poorly made, I could only lock one side when folded, the other fell apart. Bushwhacker has similar complaints, no quality control. You might get one fully done correctly, while the other has issues.

    If I go with Bike Mule, I might also buy a seam ripper just to remove the logo, but I am leaning toward the second one.

    Thank you


    I like my Banjo Brothers Grocery Panniers. I’ve had them for over a decade, frequently load them with an absurd amount of weight, and they basically look brand new. They’re 13″ x 8″ x 11.5″


    Ortlieb Back-Roller XL.

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