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    I was wondering why there was a Cabi left on the side of the trail just above that bridge this morning, looking like it was recently in the creek.


    Sunday’s crash finally prodded the NPS into repairing the railing at the north end of the bridge. That had been taken out by a car driving down the trail(!) and off the bridge several month ago. The south end still has a section of railing missing from another car incursion, but that’s not as hazardous.



    Is there a reason why this portion of Rock Creek Trail is padlocked after 7:00 pm daily? Thanks.


    After last night’s festive storms, a tree is down & blocking the leg of the Holmes Run Trail that feeds into Sanger Ave. in Alexandria.[ATTACH=CONFIG]30836[/ATTACH]. Reported, for now you can go around thru the underbrush on the uphill side.


    Capitol Crescent is now clear, still some trees blocking the Towpath.


    As of Sunday morning, there were multiple trees down on the Custis between Quincy (just east of W-L High School) and the top of the Rosslyn Hill (about 21st and where MOM’s is). No idea of the state today. If anyone has updates, that would be great.

    There was also a tree down at the other end of the Custis, between I-66 and where the trail runs into the W&OD. That has been cleared enough to be passable as of this morning.


    As of 7:30 this morning, multiple large trees down on the Custis between the Spout Run overpass and Langston. At least three are entangled with the noise barriers–it’s going to be a chore clearing those. It is passable but requires dismounting. :)


    Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail cleared multiple downed trees off Trollheim and one between 14th St Bridge and Gravelly Point tonight. There’s a tree leaning on Trollheim that’s passable but will probably require NPS to take care of.


Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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