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    Hi, this is Jeff and this year I’m leading the Greenbelt convoy down to Freedom Plaza/downtown DC.

    I’ve had several questions, so I figured I’d start a thread for people to get information, and also to make suggestions (this is the first year I’ve done this)!

    Here is the main route:

    Here is the main cue sheet:

    Note I said “main.” That’s because we’re planning two groups, an “express” route straight from Greenbelt to DC via Hyattsville, and a “main” group that goes from Greenbelt to College Park, and then to Hyattsville, and then downtown. I’m leading the “main” group and my wife Laurie is planning to lead the “express” group. She’s also going to turn around and head back to College Park after, so she could also help guide people who are just coming down for the ride experience, but then heading back again. (She’s heading back along the same route to Proteus bike shop in College Park, where she works.)

    The ride starts at the Greenbelt pitstop at 7am, which has ample parking and is a good place to join up (please get there a little early to get your shirt etc.; I’d like to leave on time if possible).

    We plan to roll through the Lake Artemesia parking lot at about 7:15 am, which would be a good place to join up.

    At Lake Artemesia, we’re planning to split — the “express” group will head straight downtown, passing the Wells Ice Rink parking area about 7:20 or 7:25 (another good place to join up), and passing the Hyattsville pitstop at Magruder Park at about 7:40 (yet another good place to join up).

    The express group should get to Freedom Plaza pitstop downtown at about 8:20 or 8:30 or so.

    The “main” group would go to the College Park pitstop at city hall on Knox Road. We’ll probably get there about 7:30. We can point out other routes directly to UMD Campus (the Paint Branch trail) along the way for people who are splitting off to go to work at UMD.

    We’ll leave the College Park pitstop at 7:45, pass the Hyattsville pitstop between 8am and 8:10, and get downtown to the Freedom plaza pitstop a little before 9am (which is about when it will be starting to close).

    I’m assuming that both groups will take a pretty moderately slow pace. It’s certainly possible that we could get delayed. So plan on taking your time and tell your employer that you might be a little late!

    Remember, this is a convoy, but not necessarily a supported ride. Plan on thinking through what to do if you have a flat tire (usually people can help, but you’ll need a spare tube!) or if you need to bail out (Metrorail doesn’t allow bikes until 9:30am, but you can put them on Metrobuses any time). If you haven’t ridden in a while, it might be wise to take your bike our for a spin, check air in the tires, lube the chain etc. ahead of time!

    I’ll stop there and maybe add more comments to this thread during the week. All questions or comments welcome.


    Here is a video I made this winter that shows quite a few parts of the route:



    Justin Antos

    Feel free to swing on by the West Hyattsville Metro station pitstop for some cool swag too, even for those not registered. Also try out a bus bike rack!

    Right off the Anacostia trail!


    Too many pit stops this year!

    Rod Smith

    Damn that’s tomorrow?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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