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    Any suggestions for winter tires for a gravel bike?

    The main reason for wanting them is to be able to ride safer when there is an inch or so of snow.
    The bike is a Specialized Diverge, currently with 700×32 Gatorskins and tubes. I do not plan to ride in deep snow or on ice, so studded tires would not be necessary.

    I mainly ride on roads and paved bike trails, but would like to do more gravel, too. For the last several years I have used the Gatorskins, but never felt stable in any snow.

    I have been looking at these:
    Continental Top Contact Winter II Premium (700 x 37 Reflex)
    Schwalbe – Marathon Plus HS440 (700 x 35)

    Any comments would be appreciated. With Freezing Saddles coming up, I want to continue riding, safely.


    No one plans to ride on ice – but cold mornings after a warm day happen all the time ;) Kenda 1014 studded – cheap enough to keep around on the spare wheelset for refreeze days.


    Well, I sometimes actually do plan on riding on ice, but usually on my fat bike with 49NRTH Dillinger 26 x 4 studdeds. ;) However, I’ve been using Marathon Winter Plus 700 x 35 studded tires on a gravel bike since 2014. Before that I used the 26 x 1.75s on my old rigid mtb commuter. I’ve also used Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour 700 x 35 and Donnelly/Clement X’Plor 700 x 40 in light snow.

    Steve O

    @Meh 220369 wrote:

    No one plans to ride on ice

    Speak for yourself. :)


    @Steve O 220405 wrote:

    Speak for yourself. :)

    Still waiting for the up and down the Potomac Strava tracks to be posted :)

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