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    My big winter bike project is building a bike from the frame up. The bike has a carbon fork (and carbon steerer tube) with integrated crown races. It came with a compression plug that’s a bit different from others I’ve seen. Before I screw things up too badly, I just wanted to check in to make sure I understand this right.

    After installing the headset, spacers, and stem (and ensuring that the top spacer rises a few mm above the top of the steerer tube):

    1) Slide the compression plug around 10mm into the steerer tube;
    2) Tighten the bolt & top cap to the recommended torque (the bolt will tighten into the top of the plug);
    3) All done until I decide whether and where to cut the steerer tube, in which case I’ll need to remove the compression plug and re-install it.

    Surely I’m missing something!



    Sounds about right. Install the headset, the fork, spacers, and make sure to cut the fork at least 30mm longer than what you think you need(get some extra spacers!). Also be sure the cut is perpendicular(use a jig/guide), wrap the cut area with tape, and use the correct saw blade for carbon. It appears that your compression plug has a lip that sets the depth, so one less thing to worry about. Just account for this lip thickness when determining your stem height.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks — this is very helpful.

    After finishing the bike, I’m taking it in for a bike fit. The fitter indicated he’d cut the steerer tube if needed, so I shouldn’t need to worry about that!

    It’s been a fun project so far. I was never a gear junkie until suddenly I needed to pick out every component. I’ve also learned a lot about bikes, which was part of the point. Just hoping it comes together without too much frustration and results in a bike that’s well-tuned, safe to ride, and provides a new toy to get me through Freezing Saddles. I may have a mechanic inspect it when I’m done.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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