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    @bentbike33 203173 wrote:

    Sigh. I will miss the flashing red light where Cottage crosses Cedar. That light won’t change for a bike and the east-bound pedestrian beg button is hard to reach.

    I will miss that light as well–Fairfax has way too many lights that won’t change for a cyclist.

    I will also miss bombing down Cedar from Gallows/Electric with the reduced traffic that made it feel not as harried.

    Not sure if anyone remembers this, but back when they rebuilt the bridge over Scott’s Run, Georgetown Pike was closed to thru traffic for a while, and you could walk or ride on parts of it in bliss. Cedar was not quite that free, but some days, I’d ride from Electric to Cottage and encounter just a few cars.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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