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    As a punster, I get that title can be read in several different ways, but here’s what I mean:

    I tandem with a (human) partner that has a dog guide. We were tossing around the idea of taking the dog on our adventures. We would need to at least test the idea and to do that we need a dog-specific or non-kiddo bike trailer. Neither of us have the storage space for a trailer and we don’t want to invest in one until we are certain it would work. Are there places to rent dog trailers? An organization with a loaner?

    Moreover, have any of you trailered a dog, and if so, what tips do you have as we concoct this cockamamie idea?



    If you can buy a used Burley-type trailer, in my experience you can sell it for what you paid for it with little difficulty.


    I take my dog on quite a few bike adventures. She is relatively small (less than 40 pounds), so she has options. She can backpack, trailer, or run along with us on mountain bike trails (still in training as she still gets a little deaf when other dogs are around).

    How large is the dog? Assuming it is a standard guide dog lab/retriever, the backpack will probably not work, so your best bet is a trailer. We have a Burley Tail Wagon (haha, I love a good pun!) but the weigh limit on it is relatively light at 70 pounds. If you guys are near Falls Church (or could get there), I am happy to let you take ours for a test ride if the pup is under 70 pounds.

    If the trailer will not work (due to weight limits or the dog just not wanting to be confined), you can use a bike-canine specific tow leash to attach to the tandem. I would recommend the Bike Tow Leash for this. While we have not tried it ourselves (it is on the list of things to buy and try), I have heard really good things about it. Link for info is here.

    Hopefully this helps!


    Some of this depends on the temperament of your doggo. Our beagle did not like it. As long as we were under 9 mph he’d tolerate it, but over that and he’d try to claw his way out. The first time, before we knew this, I didn’t have him secured tightly enough, and he clawed through the mesh and jumped out. I turned around just in time to see him getting himself run over by the trainer wheel, with an accusing look on his face toward me. (He was alright.) If yours doesn’t seem mellow enough, it’s best to really tighten down the leash around whatever is in there to tie it to so that he or she can’t get out.


    Bikes Unlimited rents Burley trailers for $12 an hour or $36 per day. Not sure if there’s any restrictions on using them for a dog or a requirement that you’re renting a bike from them.

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