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    Anyone know when CaBi will arrive in PG County?

    This Post article says May 18 but I don’t see the stations on the map yet.

    This says something about a special announcement regarding bikeshare but I haven’t found the announcement. I understand that it rained on May 18.

    Might look at a house this weekend but bikeshare proximity is a factor.


    Rescheduled Launch is set for June 1, 9am at the Wayne K. Curry Administration Building in Largo.

    RSVP if you want to attend.


    Glancing at the current CaBi map, there are currently five stations in Prince George’s County, two down near National Harbor (really an extension of the DC tourist track, of course; not that there’s anything wrong with that), and now up to three in the Largo area.

    Fleet St and Waterfront St (in National Harbor), on a little hill behind a hotel. Because of the cut-off nature of the National Harbor development (no thoroughfares), it is bicycle friendly, but I am not sure how much use this solitary CaBi station is. It did get me out to visit National Harbor, at least. A note on this station: It is is likely to be the southernmost CaBi station in the system for a while, unless and until Fairfax County loosens up and invites CaBi in; personally, I think a few stations on the way from Old Town to Mount Vernon would be a natural extension. Culminating in a dock right at the Mount Vernon historical site entrance (discounted entry for those who arrive by CaBi, please).

    Oxon Hill Park and Ride (an enormous parking lot and bus origin point). This is a ways north of National Harbor and sort-of close to the new MGM casino. Not exactly easy walking distance to the casino but doable. Requires crossing some difficult terrain, including bicycle-unfriendly Oxon Hill Rd. Unlike the National Harbor station, Not a very useful station for tourists, or for anyone except those coming to/from Alexandria or National Harbor and specifically intending to ride a Prince George’s County bus, I think. The way to/from Wilson Bridge and National Harbor is nicely paved with off-street trail.

    Largo Town Center Metro. Cannot comment on this one as I have not been.

    Largo Rd & Campus Way / Prince George’s Community College. Good idea with this one; students being natural users / potential core users. Not sure how easy it is to between the Metro and the college. I doubt it is too easy.

    1301 McCormick Dr / Wayne K. Curry Admin Building. Cannot comment on this one.

    Prince George’s County is, if I am not wrong, the least bicycle friendly among all the jurisdictions touched or encircled by the Beltway. I don’t know if these few stations will be able to make a dent in that.


    @Yule 183406 wrote:

    Glancing at the current CaBi map, there are currently five stations in Prince George’s County, two down near National Harbor…

    There are also stations in Mount Rainier, Hyattsville, and Riverdale Park.

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