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    I was in a severe bike accident exactly 2 weeks ago when I was traveling on the WO&D around noon. I was around mile marker 29 to 3O. I was found by two innocent cyclists, unconscious, face down with a severe head injury and broken pelvis. I was taken as a trauma patient to Fairfax hospital and am just becoming more lucid now after a significant amount of blood loss and 10 hour plus surgery. I don’t recall anything from
    The accident except that I was almost done with my quick 25 mile ride. I’m an avid cyclist. I have a welt in the back of my head and a big laceration on the side of my face, my right acetabulum is severely broken. I’m just trying to piece together what happened. I don’t know if an animal hit me? Another cyclist? A car? One of the people who initially found me thought that I may have been attacked since I had a significant posterior and lateral head injury, and my helmet was in good position. I don’t know if they have video cameras around or if anyone has any witnesses or ideas to share with me. Thank you!!

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