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    As discussed in the introduction to the February meeting, the County has requested that the BAC make more recommendations on program-level issues within Arlington County government. To start the discussion on what the BAC should be focusing on this year, we want to here from you!

    Comment here with your thoughts on what topics we want to focus on over this year.


    Given the feedback from September’s survey from female riders I think exploring opportunities to construct additional PBL’s should be a priority, the proposed one for Quincy St from Glebe Rd to Custis Trail would be helpful for students, parents, swimmers, residents wanting to get to and from the Custis Trail, commuters, etc.

    Might there be a way to work with APS to use the Safe Routes to School framework to recruit cyclists willing to take a background check who are prepared to escort children who would like to ride all or part of the way to school with someone? Might be difficult to maintain but could help counter harassment. Recruitment via PAL’s, WABA membership, etc.

    Ask WABA to run the family bicycling adult education class that was cancelled last fall but invite them to run it in Arlington, work with APS, Arl Co Libraries, & Bike Arlington to promote locally via publicity posters in schools and libraries, maybe ask them to coordinate promoting the event with colleagues in the wider DC, VA, MD region.

    Await the evaluation of the DC Dockless Bikeshare trial and work with the District on revising operating guidelines in light of feedback/lessons learned, only then explore bringing it to Arlington.


    I would focus on fixing treacherous intersections, in particular Lynn-Lee and Shirlington Road-Four Mile Run Drive.


    I would continue to look for opportunities when restriping occurs, to get PBLs. For example, expanding the PBL on Wilson further towards Clarendon.

    Keep advocating for narrowing roads (Washington Blvd comes to mind) with bikelines, PBL or not.


    What about programs/policies?

    Some issues that have come up over the years:

    • Policy on signals (whether they always detect bikes)
    • Policy on actuated v. automatic pedestrian signals (do you have to push a button)
    • Management of/Planning for Arlington’s trails
    • Keeping safe paths during construction – both private (think Blue Goose) and County (think road repaving)
    • Right turns on reds: both generally and at intersections where trails cross roads
    Steve O

    @dasgeh 174057 wrote:

    What about programs/policies?

    Steve O here, President of RUB. How about getting consistency on bollard (i.e., non-bollard) policy?


    Encouraging and participating in the creation of a Vision Zero multi-agency action plan.

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