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    Purchased in Athens, GA in 1980. Original receipt is available.
    Serial number: F1D5A08
    F = 510 model
    1 = smallest (19”) size
    D = month of serialization (April)
    5 = is a puzzle. The number should indicate the year, but 1975 and 1985 are not possible. There were nonconformities in this fourth element of the serial number for the 510 model in 1979-80. 1980 was the first year that a Tange headset was used.
    Ishiwata CrMo double butted frame
    Tange headset
    Suntour derailleurs
    Condition: The majority of its lifetime it has been stored indoors (garages). The main components are original. The paint and decals are original. The color is a metallic slate color. There is a brass TREK plate on the front and a TREK letter decal on the seat tube. The paint has some rust spots, which seem to be relatively superficial.
    For the non-technical rider:
    This bike is made for people from 5’ to 5’3”. I am the original owner and 5’3”. It fit me well.
    It is a touring or road bike. I rode it on some longer road tours in California in the early 1980s. I commuted with it in the DC area in the 1990s and 2000s. For a bike this old, I think it might have below average miles. It is a very comfortable bike for road touring and commuting.
    This is an old-fashioned bike so you use downtube levers to change gears. It is easy to get used to.
    contact: Ellen 240-672-7657 $250

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